[Samba] Questions about PDC with SAMBA

Vlastimil Šetka setka at spsostrov.cz
Thu Feb 12 22:26:07 GMT 2009

Marcelo Opazo Vivallos:
> Hi!
> I have 8 subnets:
> 192.168.100.x/24
> 192.168.150.y/24
> 192.168.200.z/16
> etc ...
> Install a Primary Domain Controller (PDC), so that
> users to perform authentication on the domain with its mounting
> remote disks, among others. The network is correctly configured,
> that is, the teams are perfectly by "ping" and the open
> ports between the networks see no problems.
> Notes:
> - I disabled the multicast UDP in the route
> - Add the lines in the smb.conf:
>   - Hosts allow = 192.168.100. 192.168.150. 192.168.200. [......]
> The others go right, because as I said it all works
> this, but only for the subnet.
> - Customers and resolve the server name netbios (wins OK)
> However, I encountered only heard the PDC requests only
> on its subnet (192.168.200.z).
> * Questions:
> - Why if the machines are visible between them they are not able to
> hear the requests to the PDC?
> - Is there another method instead of putting 8 samba servers in each subnet?
> Reggard
> Marcelo Opazo Vivallos
> Chile
Hi. Try to use LMHOSTS file on Windows clients. We had problems when 
clients in some routed subnets can not reach the PDC sometimes even 
though the WINS was configured OK - and this helped us.
We are using this batch file on Windows:
echo 192.168.x.y PDC_NAME #PRE #DOM:DOMAIN > 
echo 192.168.x.y "DOMAIN         \0x1b" #PRE >> 
nbtstat -R

Replace PDC_NAME with netbions name of your PDC and DOMAIN with your 
domain name and 192.168.x.y with IP of the PDC. Length of record on the 
second line must be kept at 16 characters.

Vlastimil Setka

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