[Samba] OpenSUSE 11.1 with OpenLDAP => some surprises (ldap.conf, nss-ldap.conf, nsswitch.conf)

malte.mueller at ewetel.net malte.mueller at ewetel.net
Thu Feb 12 07:58:36 GMT 2009

this has nothing directly to do with samba, but there might be some  
people who try to use samba with (Open)LDAP on OpenSUSE 11.1 like me.
Between 10.2 and 11.1 the nss_ldap configuration has changed a bit.  
The file which configures the access to ldap is now /etc/nss-ldap.conf  
and seems to have the identical layout as the former /etc/ldap.conf.  
Also needed is the "nslcd" ("local LDAP name service daemon").
If this is already widely known i apologize for bothering. I had a not  
so funny day searching for this information.
Hopefully some expert could give any hint why they changed it and what  
the advantages of the nslcd are. Does it give me nested groups on  
posix side (wonderful world this would be)?

M. Mueller

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