[Samba] Upgrade samba from 3.28 to 3.29 to fix winbind issue.

Turner, Justin H Contractor justin.h.turner at navy.mil
Tue Feb 10 17:54:48 GMT 2009

How do you upgrade samba from 3.0.28 to 3.0.29 to fix winbind issue? My
OS is CentOS 4.5. I haven't been able to find a RPM above 3.0.28. for
samba. I backed all of the files that I needed and removed the RPM's for
3.28 and installed 3.0.33 doing a ./configure, make, make install and
was hoping to reconfigure all the data but the smb service was not where
to be found I even rebooted the system but no good. So I used Clone
Zilla and restored the system back to the original. I'm at a loss what
to do any help would be appreciated. 


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