[Samba] vfs objects

Clinton Mills Clinton at Hitcents.com
Fri Feb 6 19:10:33 GMT 2009

I am trying to setup my own vfs object.


When I use the skel_transparent.c I can get samba to work fine.


I add the following to my smb.conf file:

vfs objects = skel_transparent


When I rename skel_transparent.c to mytest.c and add

vfs objects = mytest


I get this in the log

[2009/02/06 12:45:08, 2] lib/module.c:do_smb_load_module(64)

  Module '/usr/lib/samba/vfs/mytest.so' loaded

[2009/02/06 12:45:08, 0] smbd/vfs.c:vfs_init_custom(155)

  Can't find a vfs module [mytest]

[2009/02/06 12:45:08, 0] smbd/vfs.c:smbd_vfs_init(280)

  smbd_vfs_init: vfs_init_custom failed for mytest


It loads fine but I am getting the module error. Any ideas?




Clinton Mills


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