[Samba] Samba + RAID + High speed...

Alex Harrington alex at longhill.org.uk
Thu Feb 5 09:37:39 GMT 2009

> I still "feel" this configuration could be running faster, 
> anyone has any idea where I could optimize it ? (the XFS 
> format paramaters, Areca setup, bonding parameters, etc).

My experience says that the SATA/RAID5 will bottleneck the system well
before you hit the limits of your 6GB trunk.

RAID10 is less computationally expensive for the RAID controller and
gives greater access concurrency (ie any given data can be read from a
choice of drives).

SAS drives/controllers are full duplex which means the bus can be
reading/writing at the same time, and so is much faster for high
read/write setups. It depends a lot on how the box is to be used.



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