[Samba] Files monitoring through Samba

Clinton Mills Clinton at Hitcents.com
Tue Feb 3 15:29:03 GMT 2009

Thank you for the information.

Is there anyway to run a perl script or shell script when the extd_audit command that sees a log of 0 or 1?

Log Level Log Details - File and Directory Operations 
0 Make Directory, Remove Directory, Unlink 
1 Open Directory, Rename File, Change Permissions/ACLs

Then pass the file that was created or unlinked to the script?

I know I could watch the log, but I thought there would be a better way. Kind of link how the recycle works. It intercepts the unlink and moves it.

I also could just watch for when something was written. That is what I really need. 

ssize_t skel_write(int fd, char *data, size_t n)
    return underlying.write(fd, data, n);

I want the easiest way to do this without having the edit the source code. I am sure someone has done something like this before.

Thanks in advance.

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Il giorno lun 02 feb 2009 21:51:13 CET, Clinton Mills ha scritto:
> I am trying to setup a way to watch each file that is created, updated, and
> deleted through samba.  I have currently looked at inotify but I am not sure
> if that is the best way.  What suggestions would you have to setup a way to
> get some type of event when one of these actions occur? I would like to
> watch a directory recursively and be able to run a shell script or perl
> script and that script know the file name and path.

look at this  

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