[Samba] Problem sharing a directory which contains other mountpoints

ROHAUT Sébastien (EXT OSIATIS) ext.osiatis.sebastien.rohaut at sncf.fr
Tue Feb 3 15:07:20 GMT 2009



Here is my problem :

On a server we have a directory, /data, shared with Samba. In this directory, we have two mountpoints : mp300 which contains a 300GB filesystem, and mp500 which contains 500GB filesystem.


So we have :


      |-------mp300 => 300GB

      |-------mp500 => 500GB


and /data is shared wich Samba.


On Windows, if we try to put many files, a example 30GB, in /data/mp300 (or /data/mp500), Windows says there isn't enough free space : it reports the free space on /data, which is on the root directory, so it reports only free space of the root shared directory, and it doesn't see the free 300GB ou 500GB of the mountpoints included.


Is it possible to make Samba report free space of each subfolders (mounted), and not from the root shared directory ?




Sébastien ROHAUT


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