[Samba] Map sids to Unix UID and GID

Glenn Machin gmachin at sandia.gov
Mon Feb 2 23:31:07 GMT 2009

I have a samba server running on a Linux RHEL5 system.   The system uses 
nss_ldap and gets passwd and group information from a non-windows ldap 
server.   The smb.conf file is using security=ads and spnego in order to 
user Kerberos tickets rather than ntlmv2.

I have done a net ads join, and the authentication is working fine, 
however when I try to set an ACL on a file from a windows client using 
an group defined in Active Directory I get messages talking about not 
being able to map the SID to a uid.

I don't want to use winbind for authentication.

So how to you map SID to uid and SID to gid?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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