[Samba] Looking for Windows port

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 13:38:35 MST 2009

> Samba has been around for several years

We have had it in our production servers for around 10 years. Meaning
that the conversion from a windows NT / active directory domain to a
samba one happened for us in 2000. It works great, much easier to
manage than windows servers and no need to make design decisions (and
limitations) based on how much the license will cost.

> and seems mature but I cannot find a
> Windows port anywhere?
> I want to write code once and run same on Linux and Windows but this gap
> prevents me.

So you want to make an application that somehow modifies the SMB/CIFS protocol?

> Has anybody tried?

I do not think this would be an easy task. First off you have to
disable windows the windows SMB and all of its services. This is in
addition to Server and Workstation. I would doubt that many windows
users would want / allow this.


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