[Samba] PDC With samba und OpenLDAP...strange behavior

Daniel Spannbauer dspannbauer at web.de
Thu Apr 30 06:51:47 GMT 2009


I`ve installed on a Box with SuSE 10.2 a PDC with OpenLDAP as Backend for
I put a Xp-Machine in that domain, logged me in. Everything looks fine.
After the logout from Windows there is a dir .ntprofile in my home.
Everythings seems to work as expected.
Now, I put a file under Unix in "My Pictures" in my .ntprofile. In Windows,
I can see the file. If I delete it, the file seems to be in the Trash, on
Linux it is still existing. After Logout from Windows the file is still
there, also when I log in to XP. 

It seems that files, which are created under Unix, can`t be deleted und
windows. If I create a file under Windows, I can delete it under Windows and

The rights on the file are in both cases the same (according to ls -l and
the Windows-File-manager).

Any hints about that?

Samba: 3.0.23d
OpenLDAP: 2.3.27



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