[Samba] attempted upgrade this weekend

Johan Hendriks Johan at double-l.nl
Tue Apr 28 17:47:44 GMT 2009


>This weekend I attempted an upgrade of my primary samba server from =
>to 3.3.3. When testing this primary server after the upgrade I had a
>few issues, so rolled back the upgrade until I can find solutions. This
>server also has the OpenLDAP server local to and co-located with samba.

>The two things that initially didn't seem right are that each time I
>logged into a windows XP box I was told my password had exprired and
>must be changed, and my roaming profile could not be accessed. Even
>after changing my password, when I logged out and back in I got the =
>password expired message.

>I had another event scheduled and couldn't diagnose the issue. I
>hope the issue is simply a difference in the configuration (smb.conf)
>between 3.0.24 and 3.3.3. I've attached a sanitized version of my =
>below. Does anyone see any issues?

>Samba is the first of a series of upgrades. After samba is Cyrus then

>Samba is compiled locally on this box, so it pulls in the current =
>versions, etc.

>The output of the smbd-3.0.24 and smbd-3.3.3 (both -b) seem the same
>to me.

>Thanks for having a look at this. I'll try another upgrade this coming


Did you copy the samba schema file from samba 3.3.3 to the schema dir of =
openldap, replacing the old one from samba 3.0.24
I once had the same issue after a upgrade from 3.0.x to 3.3.x, i did not =
have the password issue but the roaming profile issue i remember quite =
well ;-)
After the copy (which is a pretty normal thing, but easy to forget) =
things where running as before.

Johan Hendriks
Double L Automatisering

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