[Samba] Samba with AD/winbind - recurring message

Adam Cohen adamcohen at berkeley.edu
Tue Apr 28 14:50:11 GMT 2009

we've got a Samba 3 server up and running with AD integration via 
winbind.  Everything is working nicely but there is this persistent 
message on my console that pops up at least 1x per hour, sometimes more 

Apr 27 23:01:02 ebi-prod01 winbindd[5456]: [2009/04/27 23:01:02, 0] 
Apr 27 23:01:02 ebi-prod01 winbindd[5456]:   kinit succeeded but 
ads_sasl_spnego_krb5_bind failed: Strong(er) authentication required

winbind is definitely talking to the domain controller and is able to 
retrieve user/group info so I can't tell what is causing the message or 
what the impact might be.  plus, it's cluttering up my log.  the 
messages are found in /var/log/samba/wb-UC.log where "UC" is the name of 
our forest.

this is Samba/Winbind 3.0.33-3.7-el5 as shipped with RHEL5.

has anyone else see this?  


Adam Cohen / IT Manager
Energy Biosciences Institute / UC Berkeley
109 Calvin Lab / 510-642-7709

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