[Samba] Re: Bug in sernet RPM's postun?

Richard Foltyn richard.foltyn at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 08:54:21 GMT 2009

Karolin Seeger wrote:

> Hi Richard,
> Please report everything concerning the SerNet packages directly to
> samba at sernet.de. But I think in this case, the samba.org packages are
> affected as well. Currently, I couldn't reproduce that on a RHEL 5.2
> server. I have to setup a CentOS box to track that one down.
> We will fix that as soon as possible and get back to you then.
> Sorry for the inconveniences!
> Cheers,
> Karolin

BTW, another thing I noticed is that this only happens on updates, not
when just uninstalling the Sernet packages.

For example:

1. Install the Sernet "tested" RPMs (samba3, samba3-client,
samba3-winbind; 3.2.8.x at this time)
2. Update to Sernet "recent" RPMs (3.2.11.x)

... and you get the %postun error message.

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