[Samba] User friendly URLs to shares

Jorgen Lundman lundman at gmo.jp
Tue Apr 28 08:28:39 GMT 2009

I can only imagine this is an FAQ, but it is not in wiki, wiki's faq or 
general samba documentation (the paragraph I read anyway!).

I am looking for a way to make it easy for users to connect to their WWW 
storage SMB shares. I can create a "smb://user@host/share" style URI in 
a WWW page or email for OsX and Linux users. It will ask for password, 
and just work.

But with Windows, I can not get smb:// to work. Is there a good way to 
include the username, hostname and share name for Windows users so it 
will just ask for their password, then open their shared area? Even if I 
have to create a .BAT file I guess.

\\host\share and file://host/share don't seem to work, and has nowhere 
for the username part to be included.

There is no Windows Login going on.


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