[Samba] Re: Bug in sernet RPM's postun?

Mark Nienberg gmane at tippingmar.com
Mon Apr 27 22:08:01 GMT 2009

Richard Foltyn wrote:

> Consequently, yum reports an constantly increasing number of unfinished
> transactions and cannot uninstall outdated versions of Samba:
> # rpm -q samba3
> samba3-3.2.1-37
> samba3-3.2.3-37
> samba3-3.2.5-37
> samba3-3.2.6-37
> samba3-3.2.7-37
> samba3-3.2.7-38
> samba3-3.2.8-38
> samba3-3.2.10-38.el5
> samba3-3.2.11-38.el5

I think I cleaned up this problem with

# rpm -e --justdb samba3-3.2.1-37

and so forth.  Admittedly, the rpm man page does not indicate that this should work, 
but I think it does.

Mark Nienberg
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