[Samba] help - file permission

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Mon Apr 27 18:34:59 GMT 2009

> These settings are (S) in man smb.conf which means you should set them under< 
> the share stanza, not in the global section.
That is incorrect.

Share parameters can also be used in the [global] section to be applied 
Global parameters can only be used in the [global] section.

 From the smb.conf.5 man page:



Parameters define the specific attributes of sections.

Some parameters are specific to the [global] section (e.g., /security/). 
Some parameters are usable in all sections (e.g., /create mask/). All 
others are permissible only in normal sections. For the purposes of the 
following descriptions the [homes] and [printers] sections will be 
considered normal. The letter /G/ in parentheses indicates that a 
parameter is specific to the [global] section. The letter /S/ indicates 
that a parameter can be specified in a service specific section. All /S/ 
parameters can also be specified in the [global] section - in which case 
they will define the default behavior for all services.

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