[Samba] A question about BDC's

Germán Bobr german at tybsa.com
Mon Apr 27 11:59:36 GMT 2009

El vie, 24-04-2009 a las 14:22 -0500, Adam Williams escribió:
> Germán Bobr wrote:
> > My connection is very crappy because it is only 128 kbps upload...
> >
> > In this city there is nothing better than that, so i cannot upgrade the
> > connection.
> >
> > I was thinking about renting a VPS in a datacenter with 4 or 5 mbps both
> > sided.
> >
> > It will not have heavy usage, but people doesnt want to wait 30 minutes
> > just for synchronizing Mydocs and Desktop
> >
> > Thanks
> you can redirect my documents by right clicking on it and specifying a 
> location on a shared drive, that way it will not have to load it in a 
> roaming profile.  also you can redirect the desktop, application data, 
> etc folders via registry hacking.  i think its page 212 or so of samba 3 
> by example.pdf

I am doing exactly that.
Folder redirection, My Docs and desktop.

But i have some users that want to acces their files from their home
desktop computers.

At 128 kbps the remote access to the files is a hell.
And laptop users have to wait the sinchronization every time they
connect to the VPN. (Samba PDC will not allow an user to acces the
shares if it is not logged and sinched)

I hope this will be a better explanation :P
My english is not realy good.

Thanks to all


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