[Samba] Re: some question about BDCs

jamrock news_jamrock at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 26 13:44:33 GMT 2009

>I have the exact same questions.

>I had a PDC usisng a master LDAP server and a few >BDCs using slave LDAP

>Now, I upgraded LDAP to replicate in multi-master >mode and set PDC and
>BDCs point to these LDAP servers.  In my current >setup, what is the
>difference between the PDC and a BDC?

Nothing has changed as far as Samba is concerned.  The rules for updating
the LDAP databases are now governed by the standard rules governing
multi-master replication for the LDAP software.

>When an administrator add a computer or user to the >domain from a
>Windows machine, how does the Windows machine >decides which DC to contact?

The machine will contact the PDC and the PDC will contact the LDAP server
specified in its smb.conf file.

The LDAP software will take it from that point.

Take a look at chapter 5 in the Official Samba Howto.

Pay special attention to the section entitled "LDAP Configuration Notes".

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