[Samba] default printer selection based upon computer a user logs into

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We are using roaming profiles.  I have a user that logs onto two 
computers that are in different buildings.  Computer 1 is collections w/ 
default printer HP Laserjet 4000DTN ( and Computer 2 is 
salesshop w/ default printer HP Laserjet 4100DTN (  The user 
complains that when she logs into salesshop, does her work, logs out, 
and then logs in at the collections computer, her default printer is no 
longer the HP Laserjet 4000DTN (even though as administrator on 
collections, the 4000DTN is the default printer).  Is there some sort of 
way to collections to use the 4000DTN as the default printer?


The default printer is a per user choice!
you can set the adequate printer for a specific computer or group of
computers in the logon script.

:: if computer name begins with FREJA set default printer to freja 
@if "%computername:~0,5%"=="FREJA" %SystemRoot%\system32\cscript 
%SystemRoot%\system32\prnmngr.vbs -t -p "\\printserv\freja"
@if "%computername:~0,7%"=="TELEKOM" %SystemRoot%\system32\cscript  
%SystemRoot%\system32\prnmngr.vbs -t -p "\\printserv\telekom"


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