[Samba] samba as a domain-member(using clustering with ctdb)

Wolfgang Hotwagner listener at may.co.at
Sat Apr 25 19:56:52 GMT 2009

i want to use samba as a domain-member together with clustering(with ctdb).
So i have configured 2 "active" samba server using ctdb and
glusterfs(sharing store).
The smb.conf is identically on both server. I have 2 shared public
adresses for ctdb and each server has it's own public address too.
On the windows-dns-server i have a "round-robin-record" with all 4 ip
addresses for the "netbios"-name:
dslin.office.may.co.at -> 172.30.50.{83|84|85|86}

The krb5.conf is identically too on both server.

When i do a net ads join -UAdministrator%<password> on both server, it
just works on the second node:

root at dslin2:~# net ads join -UAdministrator%<password>
Using short domain name -- OFFICE
Joined 'DSLIN' to realm 'office.may.co.at'
DNS update failed!

root at dslin1:~# net ads join -UAdministrator%<password>
Using short domain name -- OFFICE
Joined 'DSLIN' to realm 'office.may.co.at'
[2009/04/25 21:49:32,  0] libads/kerberos.c:ads_kinit_password(356)
  kerberos_kinit_password DSLIN$@OFFICE.MAY.CO.AT failed:
Preauthentication failed

When i try to connect to dslin2 using the ip \\,  i can
connect and reach the share
but when i try to connect to dslin1 i just get a password-request. When
i try to connect to the "shared" netbiosname \\dslin i also get a

wbinfo -u and -g works on both server and returns the users/groups of
the active directory

I don't know why it works on the one server, but not at the other one. I
am using Debian Lenny and it's samba-version: 3.2.5
Maybe anybody could help me or give me a hint

Wolfgang Hotwagner

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