[Samba] Change a Samba PDC to BDC on the fly?

John Du jjohndu at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 23:26:56 GMT 2009

Hi the list,

I am in a process of converting a Samba PDC to BDC and a BDC to PDC am 
running into some issues.

1.  For each of the samba servers, I have two configuration files.  One 
is for PDC and the other for BDC.  I make a symbolic link from one of 
the two files to /etc/samba/smb.conf.  Then I do "service smb reload".  
The problem I have is that Windows clients do not see the role change.  
Is it supposed to work?  In other words, can the samba server role be 
changed on the fly?

2. Can I have more than one samba server acting as Preferred Master in a 

3.  The PDC machine has some samba shares and they are working fine.  
But if I make the PDC machine a BDC and make a BDC a PDC, the samba 
share definitions will be added to the new PDC which does not have the 
shares.  This may be confusing.


Host 1 as PDC exporting shares A, B and C

Host 2 as BDC exporting  share D


Change Host 1 as BDC still exporting shares A, B and C, reload the 

Change Host 2 as PDC still exporting  share D, reload the configuration.

After some time, testparm on host 2 shows that it exports shares A,B,C 
and D but in fact it does not have shares A, B and C on the host.

Thank you for your help!


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