[Samba] Re: Authentication

Michal Dobroczynski michal.dobroczynski at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 16:41:22 GMT 2009

Yes - LDAP can work with relational databases but the response time
will be slower than in case of BDB backend (BDB - trees & leaves, *SQL
- relations, thus table-like structure).

I do not exactly remember whether the SQL backend works out of the
box, but at the time when I was looking at it (ca. 2 years ago) some
tweaking was mandatory.


2009/4/24 Richard Foltyn <richard.foltyn at gmail.com>:
> Natanahel wrote:
>> My question is:
>> Can I use Samba with authentication in LDAP using POSTGRESQL like a
>> Database of LDAP???
> Actually this question is totally unrelated to Samba since Samba does
> not care what backend your LDAP server uses.
> Therefore, find an LDAP server that support Postgres as backend. ;)
> Google suggests that people have been able to run OpenLDAP on top of
> PostgreSQL instead of BDB.
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