[Samba] Writing operations to a Samba share fail

elias at elekno.fi elias at elekno.fi
Thu Apr 23 09:36:58 GMT 2009

Walter Mautner kirjoitti:
> Am Thursday 23 April 2009 08:33:44 schrieb elias at elekno.fi:
>> Walter Mautner kirjoitti:
>>> Am Tuesday 21 April 2009 13:30:28 schrieb Elias Knuutila:
> ......
>>>> error packet at smbd/nttrans.c(95) cmd=160 (SMBnttrans)
>>> Looks like a forced reiserfschk is overdue.
>> Have you experienced this personally? I didn't find any sign of
>> scheduled file system checking in the system, that would conflict with
>> samba. Hope that corrupt file system itself is not causing this. But
>> this is output from debugreiserfs command:
> Don't think too complicated. I just meant it is time to unmount and run a full 
> forced filesystem check.
> And yes, these messages do look like some corruption took place.
> If you want to be certain, access the same files natively from *nix and you 
> may see if it's still possible.
> Also make sure you have a good backup. The devil is chronically sleepless ...
All the native linux operations are OK, this is why I was writing to
Samba list in first place :)
But thanks, I'll have to wait for a moment when no other users need the
server, to run the file system check.

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