[Samba] Mixed Win98 and WinXP Pro

Carl Parsons carl.parsons at pingnu.com
Wed Apr 22 10:41:05 GMT 2009


I have a PDC server version samba-3.2.8-0.27.fc10.i386.rpm serving 
mostly Win98 machines after adding the following two lines managed to 
get it working with authentication and logon.bat scripts.
        lanman auth = Yes
        ntlm auth = No

Now I want to add some XPPro machines but they can no not see server 
shares any more ( used to work on Fedora 5 server )

 I have tried adding with some success.

include = /etc/samba/smb.conf.%a


Also do I need winbind
hosts:   files wins dns nis ldap  NOTE: I have a BDC and trying to get 
ldap working but disabled for now.

Incidently a Vista machine works fine can I modify all the winxp 
machines in the registry to get them working as well.

And I get samba.__ffff_192.168.1.28 in the logs I have tried disabling 
ipv6 but perhaps somehow it is still enabled and causing me problems 

Also when the clients try to use the Fedora 10 server often it seems a 
lot slower than Fedora 5 even though the server is more powerfull.


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