[Samba] Simple Permission Issue

Joseph L. Casale JCasale at activenetwerx.com
Tue Apr 21 17:15:20 GMT 2009

I haven't really done a lot with file sharing in Samba and seem
to be missing something here. I have a folder, /Share that has

[root at host ~]# getfacl /Share /
getfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names
# file: Share
# owner: root
# group: ad\040sec\040group

It is also a mount point for a partition, so it has a lost+found that
is set 700 root:root. The share perms are:

        comment = ...
        path = /Share
        browseable = no
        writable = no
        guest ok = no
        printable = no
        write list = @"DOMAIN+Domain Admins",@"DOMAIN+ad sec group"

Why can users other than root manipulate the name of lost+found but obviously
not execute it, and enter it? Same if root makes a test directory under /Share
and sets it 700, users connected to the share cannot access it, but can modify
its name and/or delete it?


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