[Samba] A question about BDC's

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Tue Apr 21 13:48:03 GMT 2009

sure you can if you are using an LDAP directory.  just how crappy is 
your connection?  because the BDC would need to either query the PDC's 
ldap directory directly, or be a slave (or master/master) and get 
account changes propagated to it.  Then, you'd still need to get access 
to the files somehow such as using distributed filesystem (which would 
still get the files from your server and go over your low latency 
connection in real time) or mirror the files to your BDC using unison.  
Is there not money in your budget to upgrade your crappy connection?  
Are there things you can do to make your connection not as crappy such 
as installing a squid http proxy server?  is your connection crappy 
because it is at 100% utilization or crappy because it goes up and down?

Germán Bobr wrote:
> Hi, i have a samba server as PDC in my office.
> Now, some co-workers wants to access their files from outside.
> Making a VPN does not work because my office has a crappy connection.
> Is it possible to install a BDC in a datacenter for the remote people?

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