[Samba] 3.3.3 blocks writing of files ~1.55GB or greater from Windows XP

Nikkos Svoboda nsvobo1 at lsu.edu
Sun Apr 19 03:35:14 GMT 2009

   Samba is hosted on a server running Debian-Lenny, on a Reiserfs

  After upgrading to 3.3.3, Windows XP clients fail to copy files
through explorer using SMB shares when the file size is around 1.55GB or
greater in size. The error is "Cannot copy Filename.ext: The specified
network name is no longer available." Copying existing files located on
the share to the same or any other share fails with the same error.
Copying files from the share to the local client filesystem works
correctly. Linux and Mac clients have no problems. I have not tested
Vista at this point.

  The error occurs before any copying begins. The target folder on the
share will contain a correctly-named, 0 byte file after the attempt to
write is made. The POSIX permissions of the 0-byte file on the server
side are correct and the file is owned by the correct user : group.

  I do not believe this is related to the error dealing with the
rotation between ports 139 and 445. The copy does not fail after some
time, it is immediate. To be sure, I have tried setting both 445 and 139
alone as the option "smb ports = ".

  Is anyone else seeing this behavior?

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