[Samba] Question about BUILTIN\Administrators and BUILTIN\Users nested groups in 3.3.3

Dorrian, William M William.M.Dorrian at usace.army.mil
Thu Apr 16 18:16:02 GMT 2009

Sorry about the dumb question:

Are the "BUILTIN\Administrators" and "BUILTIN\Users" local (nested) groups
supposed to be populated with DOMAINNAME\Domain Administrators and
DOMAINNAME\Domain Users (respectively) by default? If I download the Redhat
Samba package, they are populated. Not so with a compiled version.

I've had a helluva time populating BUILTIN\Administrators and BUILTIN\Users,
even using "net sam addmem". I'm guessing that it is something I'm doing

My compile options are:

--with-acl-support --with-configdir=/etc --with-winbind --with-ads --with-pam

Bill D.

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