[Samba] set up for Active Directory

McGranahan, Jamen jamen.mcgranahan at Vanderbilt.Edu
Wed Apr 15 15:15:16 GMT 2009

FYI - reconfiguring & recompiling samba seems to have worked. At least
I'm further along than I have been. I've been able to join my domain,
but now the last step is testing winbind to see a list of the domain
users and groups. However, I'm not getting anything: just an error -

# wbinfo -u
Error looking up domain users
# wbinfo -g
Error looking up domain groups

I've modified the nsswitch.conf file, started winbind (have actually
restarted it a couple of times), but when I look at the services
(issuing the svcs command), I see that winbind is in maintenance mode.
How can I get it out of this mode?  Dag-nabbit - so close!

Jamen McGranahan
Systems Services Librarian
Vanderbilt University

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