[Samba] where is the machine name used?

Andrew awd at awdcomp.net
Wed Apr 15 05:03:10 GMT 2009

MargoAndTodd wrote:
> Hi All,
> Just a bit of PDC confusion on my part.
> 1) I do not give machine names a password.  Am I
> correct?


> 2) I am presuming that machine names are used to
> limit what machine user names can have access to
> to the samba server.  If Foo has an smb username
> and computer A has a machine name, but computer B
> does not, then Foo can enter only through computer
> A.  Am I correct?

No, The machines are added to the samba server so a SID can be generated 
for it (for identification).

> 3) If I am correct on #2 above, the machines that
> do not have a samba user can get around this by
> entering as a workgroup.  Am I correct?
> 4) When joining a domain, the user name and password
> requested is the root's or whatever alias that smbusers
> points to and not the machine's name.  Am I correct?

It has to be a user on the box with a uid of 0 (as far as I know) so 
root would be the user.


> Many thanks,
> -T

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