[Samba] Nested groups are completely missing

Dorrian, William M William.M.Dorrian at usace.army.mil
Fri Apr 10 20:47:58 GMT 2009

All of my nested groups are missing after building Samba 3.3.3.  For example,
using the local "Administrators" group with Domain\Domain Admins was not
built by default, nor was the local "Users" group that would normally have
"Domain Users" in it. Aren't these supposed to be visible after I join the
server to the domain? They appear to be missing, at least when I try to
manage the server using Computer Management.

And it is joined to the domain; wbinfo -u and wbinfo -g work flawlessly.
Security is set to ADS.

A "net groupmap list" comes up empty.

Any ideas?

Bill D.

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