[Samba] directory permission problems

jerry jerry at samba.org
Fri Apr 10 13:42:51 GMT 2009

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Adam Williams wrote:
> I have shares such as the one below.  Users in the group (in this
> example, the group grants) can access the root directory of the share
> (\\roark\grants) just fine, and it and all files and subfolder
> permissions are 770 and owned by the group grants, but users have
> problems going into subfolders, getting access denied errors.  Or, in
> the root directory they can create files, but not delete or rename them,
> even though the file is created with ownership of group grant, they are
> in the grants group, and permissions are 770.  The only fix would be to
> chmod -R 777 /samba/grants.  Has anyone had this problem or know of a
> solution?
> [grants]
>        force group = grants

You might want to search bugzilla.samba.org.  There was a recent
reporter having some broken behavior with "force group".   I don't
remember the specifics or version.

cheers, jerry
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