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David Eisner deisner at
Mon Apr 6 20:07:59 GMT 2009

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 3:06 PM, jerry <jerry at> wrote:
> Sounds like the configure test may be picking up the Solaris
> native libs.  been a while since I looked at that.  Check the
> config.log file for clues.

Yes, I think this is the problem.  From my year-old notes building
Samba on Solaris 10:

"checking whether krb5_mk_error takes 3 arguments MIT or 9 Heimdal... yes
configure: WARNING: krb5_mk_req_extended not found in -lkrb5
configure: WARNING: no CREATE_KEY_FUNCTIONS detected
configure: WARNING: no GET_ENCTYPES_FUNCTIONS detected
configure: WARNING: no KT_FREE_FUNCTION detected
configure: error: krb5 libs don't have all features required for
Active Directory support

Use Heimdal kerberos from, download source:

Untarred into /usr/local/{bin,sbin,..}.  Make sure /usr/local/bin
comes first in path to get propper krb5-config.

Hmm, krb5-config wants it to be installed /usr/heimdel/.  Make sure
/usr/heimdel/bin is first in PATH"

You may also need to set your LDFLAGS environment variable to include
-L and -R flags for the heimdal library directory.


David Eisner

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