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McGranahan, Jamen jamen.mcgranahan at Vanderbilt.Edu
Mon Apr 6 18:40:03 GMT 2009

Ultimate goal: to utilize Active Directory service on all Unix servers


Server: SunOS 5.10 Generic_120011-14 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V440


Software installed: openldap-2.4.16; openssl-0.9.8k; sasl-2.1.21;


I've spent the past couple of days getting OpenLDAP installed on our Sun
box. I believe I have it now and am onto Samba. However, when I run the
following command, it bails on me with errors about krb5:


(trying to configure samba-3.2.4)


./configure --with-krb5=/etc/krb5 \

-- with-ldap \

-- with-ads \

-- with-winbind


Error (last part):

configure:63086: result: no

configure:63105: WARNING: krb5_mk_req_extended not found in -lkrb5

configure:63113: WARNING: no CREATE_KEY_FUNCTIONS detected

configure:63121: WARNING: no GET_ENCTYPES_FUNCTIONS detected

configure:63129: WARNING: no KT_FREE_FUNCTION detected

configure:63137: WARNING: no KRB5_VERIFY_CHECKSUM_FUNCTION detected

configure:63183: error: krb5 libs don't have all features required for
Active Directory support


I'm honestly at a loss here. Can someone please advise me as to what I
need to check and/or do? Thank you!!



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