[Samba] Security ADS and clearcase

Schreiber, Martin martin.a.schreiber at siemens.com
Mon Apr 6 07:23:48 GMT 2009

Hello @List,
We have a pretty complex problem;
In our company AD is the one and only directory service, all other "clients" need to follow the given settings and guidelines. We are connected via security ADS , but every patch session on the PDC `s is a nightmare , does it still work or not. So we think about alternatives to the existent situation, pls note , we do not have any influence on AD settings. Only security ads is allowed , due to security guidelines from HQ.
Now my question, is there a way to bypass this situation, we thought about an ldap gateway, or install an "standalone" PDC in a dummy domain ,which sources the AD for passwd and group settings , because we need a seamless mounting of samba shares in order to provide our clearcase vobs to the XP clients.
Maybe someone is in a similar situation and can shre his (here) knowledge to the community.
Thanks in advance    Martin  Schreiber

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