[Samba] Slow XP to samba transfer

Marek ZJ mzalfres at wp.pl
Fri Apr 3 19:36:05 GMT 2009

Hi all,

    I hit the problem reported sometimes that there is huge slow down 
when copying files from winXP to linux samba server. I was searching few 
days for solution and I'm close to giving up.
    There is a domain with linux openSUSE (latest version with available 
updated). Because  there is  only internal traffic, so all firewalls are 
off (both linux and windows). Copying few megs  between linux server and 
windows client takes minutes. It looks that from linux to windows goes a 
little faster than from windows to linux, but it is still far below 
abilities. The same data between the same servers copied via FTP 
transfer in seconds. All the rest works OK.
Configuration consists of samba PDC with 6 win XP pro PCs as domain 
members. Users are authorised with passwords, there is one special 
pawsordless user also, each user has access to common share and has also 
'private' share mounted automatically as 'home disk' with his/her user 
name. All of those works flawlessly, but terribly slow. Additionally, 
there are few newtwork printers, but not in domain.
I have checked all configuration options, socket options etc. All looks 
correctly. I suppose, that problem lies maybe somewhere in conflicting 
services, I have no idea what to look for. Maybe another fresh look will 
help me to solve the problem. If you think it will be helpful I can dump 
smb.conf here.

Best regards,

Marek ZJ.

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