[Samba] is it possible to share files with windows 2003 r2 ad ?

Victor Ophof mr4hughz at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 3 03:26:59 GMT 2009



is it possible to make samba 3.3.2 function as a member server (fileserver) 

in a windows 2003 r2 Active directory enviroment ? 


I am using 

freebsd 6.3 

samba 3.3.2




current windows domain level is windows 2000 mixed, but forestprep for windows2003 has been run. 


Samba is joined to the domain, I am getting stuck at the point to "logon" to shares. 


WB info displays the needed info only I am lost how to get the getent group/passwd to work 

it keeps raining spegno error's in the log  


I am realy lost please help 







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