[Samba] Samba + LDAP = SLOW Help plesase

Ray Klassen rayklassen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 14:11:08 GMT 2009

mysterious slowness sometimes has a timing out name service at its
back. Is WINS enabled on your server? Do the clients look to your
server as their WINS server? If a WINS lookup fails and then the
clients revert back to broadcast based name resolution, the symptoms
could be similar to what you're seeing.

On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 12:20 AM, Grey Karapetyan
<grey.karapetyan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for answers!
> but i use a Fedora Directory Server.
> i try answer on your questions:
> << what indexes do you have in slapd.conf?  what hardware is the server
> running on?
> Core2Quad/8gb ddr2
> <<would you copy your slapd.conf  to us? the index section only would be
> just OK. also. would you mind runing slapindex on the server (turn off
> OpenLDAP first)?, then try if it affected your pdc performance
> Sorry but i use FDS here is no config. All parametrs places in db. Any
> concrete parametrs i should show you?
> <<More important than anything else is your Berkley environment.  Do you
> have a reasonable DB-CONFIG file or are you asserting reasonable DB values
> via cn=config? But these are all OpenLDAP questions and not specific to
> Samba. Test your DSA to see if it is fast enough, then move back to testing
> Samba.
> This OpenLpad-specific parametrs?
> If i use getent passwd | grep -i username - works realy fast (1-2 seconds).
> (From my Samba server)
> =========
> News:
> Now shares shows and opens fast.
> But printers from windows clients (when getting status printer) as before
> Then i create local user on Samba server and disable ldap backend - printers
> works fast too.
> =========
> in man smb.conf find 2 params
>  ldapsam:trusted=yes
>  ldapsam:editposix=yes
> somebodey use this?
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