[Samba] Samba + LDAP = SLOW Help plesase

Grey Karapetyan grey.karapetyan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 07:20:13 GMT 2009

Thanks for answers!
but i use a Fedora Directory Server.

i try answer on your questions:
<< what indexes do you have in slapd.conf?  what hardware is the server
running on?
Core2Quad/8gb ddr2

<<would you copy your slapd.conf  to us? the index section only would be
just OK. also. would you mind runing slapindex on the server (turn off
OpenLDAP first)?, then try if it affected your pdc performance

Sorry but i use FDS here is no config. All parametrs places in db. Any
concrete parametrs i should show you?

<<More important than anything else is your Berkley environment.  Do you
have a reasonable DB-CONFIG file or are you asserting reasonable DB values
via cn=config? But these are all OpenLDAP questions and not specific to
Samba. Test your DSA to see if it is fast enough, then move back to testing

This OpenLpad-specific parametrs?
If i use getent passwd | grep -i username - works realy fast (1-2 seconds).
(From my Samba server)

Now shares shows and opens fast.

But printers from windows clients (when getting status printer) as before
Then i create local user on Samba server and disable ldap backend - printers
works fast too.

in man smb.conf find 2 params

somebodey use this?

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