[Samba] OSX client, Linux server, permissions problem

barsalou barjunk at attglobal.net
Tue Sep 30 21:24:10 GMT 2008

Quoting Brian Gregorcy <brian.gregorcy at utah.edu>:

> barsalou wrote:
>> Quoting James Peach <jorgar at gmail.com>:
>>> 2008/9/29 Brian Gregorcy <brian.gregorcy at utah.edu>:
>>>> I know this doesn't help but we are seeing the same problem, I   
>>>> opened a bug
>>>> with apple but so far have not heard anything back.  I also sent   
>>>> this email
>>>> to this list awhile back and did not get a response, the copy of   
>>>> the email I
>>>> sent is below.
>>> You might be seeing the SMB unix extensions in action. In 10.5, the OS
>>> X SMB filesystem was taught to understand some SMB protocol extensions
>>> designed for unix system. what *might* be happening here is that the
>>> client is resetting the permissions after Samba applies the
>>> configuration mode masks.
>>> You should be able to verify this by packet sniffing or setting "unix
>>> extensions = no" on the server.

James, If I chose to sniff the connection, what exactly would I be  
looking for?

>> This didn't work for me.  I still see the same problem when   
>> creating folders using the finder.
>> Keystrokes:
>> apple-K
>> Control-click -> New folder
>> This shows up on the server with 755 permissions....I have it set for 770.
> I actually ran into another issue on a different mac (10.5.4), with
> unix extensions = no the user can browse the file system (via finder)
> but cannot open any of the files.  They all appear as unknown file
> types, commenting out the above command and all is well.
> --Brian

My first reaction to this is that the resource files aren't getting  
created or the user no longer has permissions...but I'm still learning.

So either way you set 'unix extensions' it causes one or the other  
problem?  Can you please clarify?

Mike B.

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