[Samba] security=server comment

Jim Shanks jim at shanks.cc
Sat Sep 27 04:40:23 GMT 2008

Whoops, redo on this one, un-configured webmail client get my email
address wrong.  Sorry for the dupe.

I was reading posts on the samba list recently and noticed a comment from
Volker Lendecke.  And as one of the top Samba developers, I'm sure Volker

"For both "security=domain" and "security=ads" it is
necessary to join the computer to the domain.
security=server is the only possibility to go without that,
but please be aware that security=server is really highly
deprecated and might have suffered from bit-rot recently.


It really didn't strike me at the time, but just tonight as I was in the
process of setting up a new server as a new domain controller on a new
domain, what are we supposed to use for a Samba primary domain controller
if not security=server?????

And if Samba as a domain controller is going to be dropped, can you let me
know now?  Before I get too far into the project and then have to force
them to Windows Server.

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