[Samba] Unable to log onto Samba Share as Local Administrator

Jesse C crimson.corelio at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 21:07:42 GMT 2008

So we have a samba domain server and a samba member server with security set

The domain server used to be running samba 3.0.  We recently swapped
machines out and replaced it with a newer server running samba 3.2.
Everything is still working fine, except.  We used to be able to access
shares on the member server as Local Administrator.  We'd put in the UNC
path \\server\temp and it would prompt us for a username and password.  We
could give it a username and password and everything would be fine.

That still works fine on the domain server.  however, on the member server
we now just get the "There are currently no logon servers available to
service the logon request."  If I login as a Domain Member, everything works
fine, I can access the shares on the member server just fine.

Anyone have any ideas?


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