[Samba] Printer driver problem in 3.0.28/31

Mark Gannon mark at truenorth.nu
Wed Sep 24 00:50:18 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 23 September 2008 07:59:58 am William Jojo wrote:
> Anyone see this before?

While I haven't seen ths specific issue before, it may be part of a class of 
issues around drivers setting data associated with the printer instance on 
the share.   Often called the data blob.  When the blob isn't set properly on 
the share, drivers can malfunction in strange and unpleasant ways.  My 
suggestions are:

i.  Install the driver locally and use the MS property page for the print 
share to load the driver again.  Set some of the data properties (eg. font or 
duplexer).  This may force the blob to get set.

ii.  Alternatively, you could change your print architecture to use the 
standard MS PostScript driver and Ghostscript to convert the print jobs to 
the printer's language (PCL).  The PostScript driver appears to avoid blob 
related issues.  A good description of this works can be found at: 


Mark Gannon

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