[Samba] Problems with create and directory mode if mounted

Lukas Grässlin lukasgraesslin at aol.com
Tue Sep 23 13:36:21 GMT 2008

Good evening,

I have a problem: I set up samba on my home server to share some files. 
In my smb.conf I set to the shares "directory mode = 0775" and "create 
mode = 0664". So new files will have 664 permissions and new dirs 775 
permissions. If I access to the smb shares over my file explorer and 
create files an dirs, they get the permissions on the server I set in 
the smb.conf. So it works!
Now the problem: If I mount the share and create there files and dirs, 
they _DO NOT_ get the permissions on the server they should have (The 
perimssions I set in the smb.conf)
My mount command:

mount -t cifs -o username=user,password=pass,iocharset=utf8 
//home-server/share /share
(mount -t smbfs doesn't work)

I hope you're able to understand my (probably) english ;-)

With kind regards,

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