[Samba] What's "NT Trans Response : STATUS_CANCELLED", and why does it take so long?

David Young davidy at prophecy.net.nz
Sun Sep 21 21:37:13 GMT 2008

Hi folks,

I have a samba 3.0.25b server running on Centos 4.6. My users complain  
of intermittent responsiveness issues, but I haven't been able to  
identify the problem. I've done some traffic dumps with tethereal, and  
have run them through Wireshark's "Service Response Time" report. I've  
identified several packets identified like this:

"SMB	NT Trans Response, FID: 0x2c1e, NT NOTIFY, Error: STATUS_CANCELLED"

What I'm unsure about is this line in the SMB Header:

"Time from request: 458.719370000 seconds"

Can anybody explain to me what this "NT Notify" packet is saying, and  
whether a large time-from-request is to be expected?

- David

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