[Samba] Cannot browse, 'net view' fails, but 'net use x: \\server\share' works [ANSWER]

Nick Bishop nick4soup at yahoo.com.au
Sat Sep 20 14:14:27 GMT 2008

Hello everyone,

I had been struggling with the issue, and eventually found the root
cause. But I noted it's not mentioned here, or on the internet.
Solution below, after the details.

The symptoms are that on Windows 2000 you can
   C:\> net use X: \\server\share
(maps the drive successfully) and
   C:\> net view \\server
(lists the various services).

But doing this:
   C:\> net view
gives an error message:
System error 1326 has occurred.
Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

and clicking on "Computers Near Me" or Network Neighborhood gives a
dialog box:
Workgroup is not accessible.
The network name cannot be found.

Don't use the 'valid users' option in the [global] section. It should
be replicated across each of the shares, individually.

My particular situation is that I had named the various human
usernames (nick tom dick harry) as valid users (to prevent any other
user, like apache or ftp from noseying around - the chances are slim
but you never know).

It appears the computer is logging in as some guest/anonymous userid,
obviously not included on the list, when it does its browsing.

I can confirm the 'invalid users' option is OK in the [global]
section; I have root listed there.

===Versions of software===
=> Server
Linux: Ubuntu Breezy (yes it's time for an upgrade)
Samba: 3.0.14a-Ubuntu
Running WINS, and as local browse master
security = USER
=> Client
Windows 2000 SP4 5.00.2195,
Internet Explorer 5.00.3700.1000,
running in a VMware virtual machine.
=> Another client
A similar Win2000 client with IE6.0sp1 (cursory testing only).

===Suggested additional steps===
I felt "The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide" was a little
incomplete, so here are my additional instructions, for section 35
(The Samba Checklist).

Insert after existing step 7.
7a. Run this command on the unix command line:
   $ smbclient -NL BIGSERVER    ## name or ip of samba server
You get a list of shares, machines, and workgroups.
If you get an error message saying:
   tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
then a possible cause is a 'valid users' line in the [globals]

7b. Run this command on the Windows DOS command line
   C:\> net view
You should get a list of machines in the workgroup.
If you get a System error 1326 or a Logon failure, then a possible
cause is a 'valid users' line in the [globals] section.

7c. Run this command on the Windows DOS command line
   C:\> nbtstat -n
You should see a list of workgroup names, machine names, and possibly

7d. Are you running WINS (wins support = yes in [globals] section)?
If so, in Windows, try Administrative tools -> Wins Administration
tool -> Active Registrations.
Bear in mind not all Windows versions have this tool installed.
As an alternative, on the Windows DOS command line
   C:\> ipconfig /all
You should see mention of the WINS server; check the IP address.

===Additional common errors===
In chapter 1, under Common Errors ("The network name cannot be found”)
add this advice:
* You have set 'valid users' in the [Globals] section. It should be
specified under each share, not in the [Globals] section.

In saying this, I hope I've saved others some grief: I've spent a few
late nights on this.

Nick Bishop, email replies ignored.
Disclaimer, n:
  Advice to the reader that they should put their lawyer away.

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