[Samba] LDAP-Backend: How to store 'employeeNumber' in 'sambaGroupMapping'?

Matthias Nagel mh-nagel at web.de
Fri Sep 19 10:35:06 GMT 2008


this is a little bit off-topic, because it is rather LDAP related. I need to store an additional string in every 'posixGroup/sambaGroupMapping' object in the LDAP backend. (This string is used to hold an key to an external database.)

For user accounts I can use the 'employeeNumber' attribute which is provided by 'inetOrgPerson'. Any ideas what I could use for group accounts accordingly? Of course it must not interfere with Samba and PAM. The main problem is that 'posixGroup' is an structural class and thus all extra classes must be auxiliary.

Thank you Matthias

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