[Samba] red hat 5 EL

vishesh linuxtovishesh at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 12:19:08 GMT 2008

Marc Fromm wrote:
> I installed red hat 5EL. I created samba users in command line using
> pdbedit -a username and then supplied a password at the prompt.
> On our fedora core 5 server the users were listed in a file called smbpasswd, much like /etc/shadow
> Where in red hat 5EL is the smbpasswd file? Does creating a samba user still require first creating a red hat user by the same name?
> Thanks
> Marc
Dear mark

users information is determined by parameter "passdb backend" in 
smb.conf. By default value for this parameter is "tdbsam" in EL5 (passdb 
backend=tdbsam). To get location of file that hold user information , 
use following command
smbd -b|grep PRIVATE_DIR
look into that directory, all information get stored into tdb database.

also remember that pdbedit -a just add windows specific attribute to 
existing linux user.

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