[Samba] Strange!!! Clients only log on to samba bdc

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Wed Sep 17 06:19:59 GMT 2008

Hello to all,
My samba  servers are doing strange things . I’ve set up a smba-ldap as
PDC and another as BDC. Everything was ok until last week. Suddenly all
clients log on to my BDC not longer
to the PDC. Testparm  didn’ t show any changes the PDC results Server
role=ROLE_DOMAIN_PDC and the BDC Server role=ROLE_DOMAIN_BDC.
I put the os level of the PDC to 240 and the BDC’s to 86 nothing
changed. I also changed the Preferred master to no.
How can I force the xp and vista clients only to log on to the PDC?
Daniel Müller
Tropenklinik Paul-Lechler-Krankenhaus
mueller at tropenklinik.de


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