[Samba] Why are some error messages printed to stdout?

Bhairav Shah stan2k08 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 22:30:48 GMT 2008


I am writing a perl script that makes use of Samba and I find that some of
the error messages are getting printed to stdout.  This kinda creates a
problem with trying to figure out whether the message output is really an
error or not.  Any reason why some of the error outputs are not sent out
over stderr?

As an example, in the torture_open_connection_share method in the
torture/util_smb.c file, the following line prints the error to stdout:
              printf("Failed to open connection - %s\n", nt_errstr(status));

I noticed a few others that were doing the same thing.  I was expecting to
see fprintf (stderr ...) for these kinds of messages.


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